3-Metre Dash

The 3-metre Dash is drag racing with a twist. Your robot needs to cross the finish line as quickly as possible without crossing the disqualification line. The distance from the starting line to the finish line is 3.02 m, and from the finish line to the disqualification line is 0.84 m.

Diagram of 3M Dash


  1. One or more robots will be placed completely behind the starting line.
  2. There will be a timer watching each robot.
  3. The chief timer will say, “On your marks, get set, go!” and timers will start.
  4. Roboticists will start their robots, either by hand or with a signal, such as a sound or a light.
  5. The timer watching each robot will stop the timer as soon as any part of the robot is over the finish line.
  6. If any part of the robot goes over the disqualification line, it is disqualified and the time is not counted.
  7. Robots will not be touched until the judge determines if the run counts or not.
  8. In the event of a false start, the match will be re-run.
  9. Each robot has two opportunities to dash, and its best time (that was not disqualified) will be recorded.


  • Build a robot that goes straight. A longer robot, with wheels farther apart will usually go straighter.
  • Experiment with different wheels and gears.
  • Make your robot as light as possible.
  • Have fresh batteries
  • You may need to start braking (or reversing!) before you even get to the finish line.
Posted by Clinton Blackmore - Friday January 21, 2011.
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