Obstacle Course Tips

There are two challenges you need to overcome to succeed in the obstacle course:

  • Your robot must have enough force to push itself up and over obstacles. Gearing your motors down will give you additional torque (force) and help.
  • Your robot needs to avoid tipping over.
    • It helps to build your robot so that it is short and squat. This will make it have a low centre of gravity (which basically means it’ll be hard to tip over).
    • Alternatively, you can design your robot so that it can tip but a new set of wheels will hit the ground. If you do this, make sure one set of wheels on the ground is powered.

Having large tires will help avoid tipping over and in climbing over obstacles.

Lastly, your program simply needs to be “drive and keep on driving.”

Posted by Clinton Blackmore - Saturday February 6, 2010.
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