Future Directions of Scratch?

I really like Scratch, as put out by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT, and recommend it highly.

I’ve seen two very interesting things lately regarding its future and offshoots of it.

Scratch 2.0 is in the works, and it will run in your web browser. Here is a demo video using HTML/CSS/and JavaScript only (wow!) and here is DesignBlocks, a Flash application that demonstrates how Scratch 2.0 might work.

What sort of things might Scratch 2.0 include? In this video, the Scratch team tells you in their own words.

I’ve learned recently that some people have made good use of the fact that Scratch is open source. The most interesting project I’m aware of is called “Build Your Own Blocks”, with the upcoming version 3 being subtitled, “Scratch For Computer Science”. Take a look at this, uh, video. Wow! This is amazing stuff!

Posted by Clinton Blackmore - Thursday April 22, 2010.
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