Enchanting 0.0.1 - Now Exports Code

I have got Enchanting exporting LeJOS code that will actually compile and run on your NXT. I have only tested it enough to see that it works, and I know there are bugs remaining to be found.

If you’d like to try it, and have LeJOS installed and set up, download it here. (36 MB)

New in this version:

  • exporting actually works.
    • if you want to mess with it, play with the two files starting with ‘lejos’ in the locale directory.
  • you should be able to double-click on Enchanting.exe/Enchanting.app to start the program, instead of dragging and dropping the image. (Not tested on Windows).
  • I have removed blocks that do not export, and created a few that translate nicely into LeJOS.

So, open up Enchanting, and create a script.

Dream up a Script

Right click on your sprite and choose “Export”. You’ll be prompted for a name. Please, use a name that can be used as a Java class — stick to letters and numbers (and maybe underscores) and you’ll be fine.

Export the File

Then, go to your trusty terminal and compile and upload the program:

Compile and upload your code

And run it on your NXT!

Please let me know how well it works for you and what fixes I need to make.


I forgot to mention that variables and lists do not work at all, and that the following configuration is assumed:


  • Left is Motor C.
  • Right is Motor A.
  • ‘Claw’ is Motor B.


  • Touch Sensor is on port 1
  • Sound Sensor is on port 2
  • Light Sensor is on port 3
  • Ultrasonic Sensor is on port 4

If you don’t have a given sensor attached, it should not be a problem.

Posted by Clinton Blackmore - Thursday August 26, 2010.
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