Enchanting 2 - Initial Peek

I’ve been at work on Enchanting 2 for a while now, and hereby unveil it:

Enchanting 2 aims to make it easier for kids to program robots than Enchanting 1, by:

  • letting kids program in a lively environment, activating changes to the code as quickly as the kids think about them. [v1 took nearly a minute to make a change because the code had to be re-uploaded and re-compiled]
  • making the flow of the code more transparent, showing what happened and how.
  • allowing roboticists to collaborate more easily by working together on separate computers.
  • letting you have more than one program stored on your robot. (And, as a bonus, with the robot scripts being XML files they are well-suited for version control).

I’ve got the code online up at github, and have started a public mailing list.

And, now I need to get some gear to use with my Pi. Sensors and such. I’m getting a Gertboard through Newark Electronic/Element 14, and I’ve got a BrickPi already. There are tons of other interesting devices that work with the Pi … like the PiBrella or TiddlyBot … let me know in the comments if there is anything in particular you’d like to see supported … so I’ll know a few things I should order : )

Posted by Clinton Blackmore - Wednesday August 6, 2014.
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