2013 SABRE Games

The 2013 SABRE games will take place on the night of Thursday, February 28, in Magrath, at the elementary school, from 5 to 7 pm.

We will run Tug of War, Sumo, and a Parade, in that order.


Tug Of War

Two robots are tied together with a string and each tries to pull its opponent over the center line. We will be using these rules [pdf] and here is a great video tutorial. Note: Replaced broken link.


Two robots are placed in a sumo ring. Each tries to find and push its opponent out without going out of the ring itself. Please read the full rules .


Robots are dressed up and strut their stuff, following a line and not crashing into the robot in front. We will use the RoboParade 2012 rules. Videos and rules are here.

Posted by Clinton Blackmore - Wednesday February 13, 2013.
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